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Our Digital Clinic & Health Check-Ups 

Personalized Healthcare, Nothing Less

As the very first digital clinic in the UAE that is CAPS certified, we take our patient’s healthcare very seriously. Since everybody is completely unique, a health check-up must be carried out on a personalized basis, analyzing your individual nutritional needs and requirements as well as any vitamin deficiencies. This way we can help our clients take control of their own health and wellbeing and provide them with the exact supplements required for their bodies to thrive. You may be concerned about hair loss, weight management, or PCOS. No matter your concern, we are here to help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals, in a way that is completely bespoke to you. We will never apply a blanket healthcare policy to our patients and instead, take a case-by-case approach to nutrition to offer you the best care possible. 


After you have completed a blood test, you will have the option to;


  • Subscribe to our bespoke supplement subscription-based on nutrition or vitamin deficiency. 

  • Arrange a private consultation with a highly experienced nutritionist. 

  • Shop our collection of health and wellness products that have been specifically designed to support the mind and body.

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Nutritionist & Vitamin Deficiency 

Once you have received your blood test results from our state-of-the-art advanced laboratory, you can then discuss your vitamin deficiency with an experienced nutritionist. You may be experiencing a lack of vitamins due to a poor diet, or that your body actually requires more calories and nutrition than what is typically recommended based on your age, gender, height, and lifestyle.


Since we are all beautifully unique, each body is bespoke, and this means nutrition, diet, and healthcare must also be tailored to the individual. This is why we only offer personalized healthcare! 

VIDADigital Clinic is an affiliate of VIDARetail & Entertainment Trademark the  operator of three world class nutrition brands. Each brand is dedicated to providing a unique path to optimum personalized health. Feel free to explore each brand in more detail by clicking on the buttons below. 

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